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Recycle your jewellery with us

Consumerism: How can we all be part of the solution and not be the problem ? 
We'd like to invite you to take part in an opportunity to recycle your old jewellery.

We hope you'll jump on board with this radical approach to slow fashion and ethics by bartering your old jewellery and save some money along the way.

What this means practically: a way to recycle broken bits of jewellery when making a purchase. Odd earrings, broken chains, rings, things that have been stepped on or mangled with stones missing, bits of gold jewellery that just don’t cut it any more. All can be swapped for new jewellery from our collections.

Bespoke jewellery //versus// Jewellery swaps

Two systems, both sustainable and ethical…… both closed loop sustainability systems. We make your old jewellery into new jewellery.

Before and after; Rachels project

Before and after; Rachels project

Creating bespoke jewellery reusing family jewels is an ancient way of working. Jewellers have been recycling metals for thousands of years. Its a special property of precious metals that they are so easy to recycle. We work this way with our customers, often using old jewels, family jewels with a sentimental attachment, to create new jewels, bespoke pieces, working closely to create something that is a one off, unique. Get in contact of you would like to recycle your jewels and have a bespoke piece made at or see more about our bespoke jewellery here

And a new way of working, one thats made easy and secure through our website, we can offer to swap your precious metal and stones for pieces of jewellery from our collections on this website. You can use broken or odd bits of jewellery to buy our jewellery, those that don’t have sentimental attachment but still have some value because they are made of precious metals or have stones. You can swap these bits for jewellery from our collections. It makes a saving for you and provides us with recycled materials to work with.The piece you swap with us can be tiny bits and bobs or larger collections of items.

The process

1 Come and visit us at ‘What Follows’ the launch of two jewellery collections. We will be in west London for a week from 10.30 am-6pm daily 28th October - 2nd November and we will be swapping and bartering jewellery during the show. Bring any old jewels ( silver , gold or platinum ) you fancy swapping, we will value them and give you a voucher to spend on our jewels. The address is 67 York st , Marylebone , London , W1H 1QB

2, Or if you can’t make it along to our event….. Send us an email to and we will send you a guide on metal and stone values and an easy form to fill in. Or fill in this form for a pre assessment right now !

3, Send us ( or bring us) your package of jewels with the form ( it might be one broken earring ! ) using an insured, tracked post or courier.

4, We weigh and test your metal/ stones and allocate a value to it based on the day ‘spot’ rate. The value of your metal is set by the official metal market each day, which is called the spot rate, the value of the stones by their resale value.

5, Once we have tested your materials we’ll send you an email with their value, if your happy to go ahead we send you a code for the value to use to purchase jewels from our website. If you change your mind and decide to keep your jewels, we send them back to you. It could make you a big saving, or a modest one. However big or small the pieces you recycle you are helping the environment by using materials that have already been mined. Mining new materials is unsustainable both ethically and environmentally.

What is closed loop sustainability ?

Closed loop sustainability is recycling a material indefinitely without degradation of the materials properties. For us, this is the conversion of old jewellery back to raw materials and made into new jewellery in house defined by Sian’s design ethos and approach. Gold, like many metals is an ideal material to recycle indefinitely. But, you need some pretty ninja skills to do this, which we have in bags.