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Sian Evans . Photography by Maxime Imbert ©2015

Sian Evans . Photography by Maxime Imbert ©2015



Sian Evans is a British Jewellery designer, living and working in London. She has won several design awards, and until 2014 held a post as a Senior Lecturer at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London. 

Sian’s love of archaeology, fashion, nature and technology; the history of tools and materials have informed her collections since she started her creative practice. Sian Evans Jewellery was first established in 1986, developing into an international label during the 1990s. 

New collections Botany and Pars Pro Toto were launched at Paris Fashion Week in 2017 and 2018, to wide acclaim. In both collections Sian has developed technology to create original brightly coloured jewellery with a new lustrous surface finish reminiscent of petals. Both collections are coloured and Gold-plated. 

The Fine Jewellery collections feature the mark of the makers hand, and time. Sian’s interest in ancient jewellery technologies and archaeology is apparent in many of the collections, both recently and throughout her career. The jewellery is sensual, designed to be worn and to improve with time.

All the jewellery in the webstore is handmade in London. Much of it is made to order for you. There are collections, unique pieces and limited editions in the store. 

In addition to producing the work seen here in the online shop, Sian designs and produces bespoke work and special projects with clients, artists and designers.


At Sian Evans Jewellery we make everything we do in London.  

We use ancient hand jewellery-making techniques at our workshop benches and innovative modern technology, including water-jet cutting, electroplating and anodising. We often use recycled and recyclable materials, metals and stones in our work. We like to know where our materials have come from, so that we are not harming the environment or other people. 

We use fair working practices; our staff are diverse and employed for their skill and attention-to-detail. We work only with suppliers we know, that are local and can provide the highest quality craftsmanship. 

In other words, we make the best designed and made jewellery that we can, by happy people.