A selection from our  fine jewellery  ranges

A selection from our fine jewellery ranges

Buying Rings - Top Tips

Bespoke 18ct gold rings

Bespoke 18ct gold rings

Your left and right hand is probably slightly different and each finger on your hands will be a different size.

It is important to get your fingers measured by someone who is an expert. We suggest visiting a professional jeweller.

Fingers can change in size over time, if you put on or loose weight, or, in the short term, if the temperature is hot or cold. Measure your fingers when they are not to hot or cold.

In the UK we measure in letters of the Alphabet. We use whole sizes and half sizes. In the Sian Evans shop, you will find whole sizes .If you can’t find your size, you can get in touch with us and order a specific size. If you know your size in a different format, let us know, its not a problem. We have a handy size guide below for comparison.

If you are buying a bespokely made ring we'll probably be meeting you in person. Measuring your fingers is part of our job.

Any questions, please e-mail us at info@sejewellery.com


Ring size guide

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