Bespoke & Custom

The creation of a unique object.

Jewellery for special occasions, connoisseurs and collectors.

The process……..

First and foremost, we work with you. We can start with a chat about your ideas, your dream jewel, your budget and when you would like to have it completed. You’ll meet Sian, either in person, by phone or Skype and work together on creating a design. Then, we develop a plan, a sketch, a drawing or perhaps a model. Once you are happy then we start making your unique jewels. We will keep you in the loop, updating you on our progress with images and messages. Near completion, you might want a fitting, making sure everything is just right. Then, delivery day and the delight of taking possession of something uniquely yours.

To start a bespoke journey, e-mail or call us ( +44 (0)2072496472 )


Recycling & Up-cycling

Have you ever considered using old or broken pieces of jewellery as materials for a new piece of jewellery ? Its long been a tradition in our world to re-use old stones and gold. They are so precious and can be recycled many times.

Its a great way to make your heirloom jewellery contemporary. We can take uninspiring pieces and use them to create new jewels that you are inspired by and wear. Rather than sitting in a box gathering dust.

Image : Ring with recycled gold and sapphires


Wedding & Engagement

We create bespoke and custom wedding and engagement rings. They can be simple and traditional, but we are encouraged by new ideas and breaking the rules. We can work with you to create a design, or you can let us take the strain and do the thinking. If you have some old gold and stones that you would like to use to make your wedding or engagement ring, we’d love to work with you.